Admission Guidelines

Admission Guidelines

The school is open for admission to bath boys and girls irrespective of their caste earth & religion. Parents who wish to have their child admitted to Brightlands Convent School are required to get the child’s name registered for admission. Parents along with their child should personally contact the principal. Student will have to undergo a written entrance test and he/she will we admitted to the class for which he/she is found fit.
           At the time of admission the following documents must accompany the admission form.
  1. Date of Birth Certificate.
  2. Passport size photograph
  3. Transfer certificate if the child is coming from other school.
Admissions are purely on merit basic Students obtaining lees than 60 % marks shall not be considered for admission.

Boys - Half sleeve white shirt, Navy blue shorts, prescribed school tie, belt & socks.
Girls - half sleeve white shirt, prescribed pleated skirt, tie, belt & socks, Black shoes, Navy blue ribbon and hair band.  

Boys - White shirt, white trousers/shorts, prescribed school tie, belt and socks, White shoes.
Girl – White shirt, white pleated skirt, prescribed tie, belt and socks/stockings, White shoes, white ribbon.

Boys – Prescribed house t-shirt, white shorts /trouser, belt, socks and white shoes.
Girls – Prescribed house t-shirt, white pleated skirt, belt, socks and white shoes and white hair band.
Note: Kindergarten students have to wear civil dress on Saturday.

Boys - White full sleeve shirt, worsted dark grey trousers, navy blue blazer with school logo, black shoes , Navy blue cap if required, Prescribed tie belt and socks.
Girl - white full sleeve shirt, worsted dark grey pleated skirt , navy blue blazer with school logo, black shoes ,navy blue ribbon, navy blue scarf if required, prescribed school tie belt and socks/stockings.

  1. If required, sleeveless plain navy blue sweater can be worn under the blazer.
  2. Kindergarten students have to wear navy blue jackets with school logo instead of blazer.
  3. Winter uniform will be worn from: 01st November to 31st march.

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